A sustainable project to enhance and requalify
the social and economic fabric and the beauty of the borgo

The project

Borgoland is a Community Cooperative and has a new vision of socio-economic development.
This is expressed in the form of an association in which the principal participants are the inhabitants of the borgo (village) and the entrepreneurs of the territory.

The project centres on the quality of life of the borgo through the discovery of its crafts, traditions, community spirit and the ways of «saying and doing» typical of the small Italian rural communities.
Tiny pearls immersed in nature, where time is forged from the wisdom of ancient gestures, customs and beliefs.


Borgoland was born in and starts from Staffolo.
Staffolo with its hilltop position, 442m above sea level, boasts an ample panorama overlooking the Vallesina valley and is centrally located to visit the Marche. Staffolo was awarded the «Bandiera Arancione» for its quality of tourism and also the «Bandiera Verde» for agriculture thanks to the care taken of the territory and of the historical centre to which can be added the renowned gastronomy of the local restaurants. «Staffolo» is derived from Greek and means «bunch of grapes». The name given at the time of its foundation can be linked to the mythical Staffilo, son of Arianna e Teseo. It can also be linked to the Lombard term «Staffil» meaning border post, considering its position on the hills bordering the Byzantine dominion of the Vallesina and the Duchy of Spoleto.




Food & Wine


What is Borgoland

Borgoland is a non-profit Community Cooperative that intends to create occasions to rebuild social relations, to stimulate constructive confrontation and integration recuperating past values looking to the future. Hence culture, activities, development.

An unprecedented way, that could reveal surprising, is to spend a holiday in a borgo. Not in your own city or another one but to go to a borgo that is not a tourist destination. A village that lies under the sun. Where the horizon is open and almost infinite. Like a curled up cat with a twinkle in its eye. You’ll realise a void will be filled, you’ll enjoy a new and pleasant idleness. At a small table, in front of the bar, you’ll get involved in the chatter of the locals, the hunters and the card players. You can wander along rediscovered paths like the one of the wild boar, roam between the calanchi, discover the Fonte of San Francesco and tiny pearls of a simple and true life that is good for the heart. Live your holiday with solemnity and you will be rewarded with the smiles of the inhabitants…

Founding members: Caterina Marzioni, Stefano Scortichini, Maurizio Diambrini, Alessio Brocani, Marco Baldi, Nicola Valeri, Donatella Margoni, Isabella Bruccoleri, Simone Piccini, Carlo Quercetti


Comunità Cooperativa Borgoland Società Cooperativa
Via Cotini, 2/A – 60039 Staffolo (AN)


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